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@NEWS #1, Necklaces, Price Cut King II @NEWS #1, Necklaces, Price Cut King II
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Necklace, neckstrap, key cord in stock again! Launch of newsletter @NEWS

It did take quite a long time, but we are very satisfied with the result! A soft as silk, adjustable, long and broad necklace with a beautiful design as well! With as special: an extra strong hook for your heavy transmitter!The new necklace from AeroTronic

On the packing slips it was mentioned that the necklaces would be sent when in stock again. This we did in the case of customers that ordered a necklace seperately. When you were promised to receive one as your order total of all orders reached € 100, or you ordered a helicopter, we would be happy to send your free necklace with your next order. In this way we can save some shipping costs as the necklace is more expensive now.

Go to the product page of the necklace

As AeroTronic has quite a lot of news, @NEWS will be published every 2 weeks. You will know about the newest products, so you can claim our stocks in time. We will have tips, tricks, or better: hacks as well :-)

Would you like to share information with your colleague pilots, we surely have some space for you in our newsletter!

If you would like to unsubscribe or to subscribe a friend from what will become the news source for Esky-loving Europe :-). At the bottom you will find the links.
Requested! Simulator cables! Complete Supply of LiPo Batteries King II, Lowest Price of The Netherlands!

We are searching for simulator cables for some customers. If no Dutch customers reply, we would be glad to offer you 4 euros cash or 6 euros store credit for your cable.

If you checked out the website from AeroTronic once in a while, you might have noticed the shiny black battery packs on the frontpage.

As all the Lithium Polymer originates from a few big factories, we are not so devoted to an expensive brand. Instead we offer batteries from Desire Power, which are very well received among experienced pilots! Promised capacities and discharge rates for the best price!

Go to the batteries AeroTronic stocks

View the list of the batteries AeroTronic all can offer

Nice. But you don't only get a free necklace, but service and guarantee as well. And that's much more important of course. We want to prevent that the new pilots are a prey to pothunters without knowledge of helicopters, as otherwise they might quit the hobby quickly. :-)

Also NiMH batteries are discounted to 40% of the original price! And a lot of Xtreme Upgrades for the King II . Attention! The special prices for a lot of these upgrades will expire the end of March!
Remarkable New Helicopters?!

The necklace will come in handy to point people to the Esky shop for Europe. The pronunciation of some people is more like 'EroTronic'; with this name you would rather expect this product.

But also the following spellings give the same pronunciation: AiroTronic, ArrowTronic. Or what did you think from German spelling of the second part of our name derived from the word 'electronics': 'Tronik'?

How did you remember our name? Isn't it mentioned here yet? Please let us know so we can update the list of wrong spellings, so that the desperately for our spare parts oasis searching people can be received from the Google dessert.

View the current list (on the Dutch forum)

More than half a year ago, Esky brought out a new serie of helicopters. It won't take that long anymore before AeroTronic has them in stock! So that they are in time for the summer.

King II and especially Belt-CP owners: don't fear that your helicopters hopelessly old-fashioned ;-) The most important changes are just the looks. The King will standard be delivered with a brushless motor. Both the helicopters will standard be delivered with the headlock gyro, together with a new transmitter with remote adjustable gain.

We expect that these helicopters can be offered at a very keen price mid June (when imported via sea freight). In the middle of April a very limited quantity will arrive. In a short time, it will be possible to reserve those.

As altenative we are working on a system to create your own helicopter from a barebone King or Belt-CP with choices of gyro, servos (e.g. Tower Pro) etcetera.

Of course also the Big Lama and the Lama V4 2nd edition! 2,4GHz (that are 2 innovations at once) will arrive in limited quantities. Reserving for the Big Lama is probably a good idea!
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